How To See Auras Quickly For Beginners

In this article we will find out how to see auras. But before we begin, we will explain the basic of what an aura is and throughout the article we will learn how to see them.

What is an Aura? We already know that we have chakras within our body and they are the system that allows energy to flow inside our body, so if there is energy within our body there must be energy outside our body as well.

It works the same way, but rather than an internal vortex of energy, it somehow manifests as an external wave of energy. This is called an Aura.

Some People Can See Auras?
There are people who are naturally gifted in clairvoyant abilities can see auras. That does not mean the rest of us can’t see auras, either we have not developed that ability to see them yet. In fact most of us probably have seen an aura already but perhaps we have dismissed it as an optical effect.

How To See Auras Tips
Listed below are some simple ways we can train ourselves to see auras:

1. Always start small: The human aura is very complicated, so it might be easier for us to start with something simpler. Plants are a great start when you want to improve the ability to see auras. It is helpful to pick a plant that the leaves don’t move in the wind, so any house plant will be a great choice. Make sure the back ground is a bare uncluttered wall, and that the lighting is not too bright.

2. Adjust your vision: First sit down, relax and focus on a spot at the top of the plant. Allow your eyes to go slightly out of focus. If you are finding this difficult, then try to imagine that you are focusing on an invisible leaf, a few centimeters above the plant.

3. Perceive: Try to expand your visual perception outward from the proximity of the plant so that you can begin to see the complete aura of the plant. Plants don’t have a colorful aura which comes from mental and emotional information, so the auras you would see on humans would be more colorful.

4. The Mirror Exercise: Now that we can see the aura of a plant, it’s time to apply the technique to seeing your own aura. You are going to need a mirror where you can see your upper body. Place a light source on either side of the mirror, a free standing lamp will be ideal, place it so that it does not create a direct reflection.

Sit down in a chair in front of the mirror, make sure you are comfortable. Like you did with the plant, adjust your vision to let your eyes go slightly out of focus by looking at an area just above one of your shoulders. You should see a thin white glow around your head; your inner aura should be visible.

We have learned that if we want to see an aura it is helpful to start with something more simple like a plant, and as we expand our perception we can move on to seeing the auras of people. With practice this should become something you do naturally.

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